Monday, 16 January 2012

Work uniform tax rebates

Today I shall write a letter to my tax office to request a rebate for cleaning my works uniform. I never realised I could claim money back from the tax office for this. More details on who can claim and how you claim are on this great site  The tax man is all too quick to take money off us but they don't give willingly details of all the things you can claim for. So because I'm a healthcare worker in the NHS and have to wear a uniform and my employer does not clean my uniform I can claim a rebate. The procedure to claim is straightforward enough so once I've finished blogging I'm getting on with my letter. I shall let you know in due course how I get on.

MENU PLAN 16/01/12

MONDAY - Sausages, roasted root vegetables & jacket potatoes

TUESDAY - Pasta bolognese

WEDNESDAY - Chicken/prawn stirfry and noodles

THURSDAY - Roast chicken, Yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes and vegetables

FRIDAY - Chicken in sauce over vegetable rice

SATURDAY - Chicken/tofu fajitas


Today I am starting the challenge of tackling my weight. I love my food and I comfort eat too if upset. I am not starting out too strict. I am taking the more healthy approach and portion size control. Hopefully I can shift some of my 12stone 1.5lb weight and reduce my BMI 27.31.

Breakfast - Small bowl bran flakes & skimmed milk
Lunch - Bowl spicy sweet potato soup
             1 slice toast, poached egg, grilled mushrooms & cherry tomatoes

Dinner - 2 vegetarian sausages, jacket potato & roasted root vegetables


  1. I wrote a few weeks ago about the allowance for J. Today he received a new coding notice- no sign of the refund cheque I asked for though! It should be backdated for another 5 years, as they have dealt with 2011/12 with the new coding.

  2. Glad to see you back blogging, Karen, and I'm so pleased to hear that you're giving things another go with hubby. It's really easy to take each other for granted among the hustle and bustle of life so it's good that you're setting some time aside for the two of you. I really need to tackle my weight, I shall be joining you with healthy eating just as soon as I finish eating the choccies I was bought for Christmas, can't waste them.