Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rain, rain go away

What a miserable day. Not stopped raining since I got up at 7am.
I shall tackle a mountain of ironing once I've finished my post for today. Yesterday I went for my 2 yearly eye test then I had my yearly contact lens check.  When all was finished the lady said, you don't pay for an eye test do you? I said yes I do to which she replied, no you don't pay any more because you pay for your contact lenses by direct debit each month which now allows you to have free sight tests with us. Great no more sight tests to pay at Specsavers for me, yippee. My prescription has changed in my weak eye so I need some new glasses but shall return once we have been paid. I'm also in a hospital fund which allows me to claim back on part of my optical expenses so it won't cost too much for my new glasses.

I really hate wasting any food so this morning I have used up some green tops of the leeks we have been eating over the last week.
I used one of the leek tops last night in my quorn casserole so the 3 remaining are being used with these few ingredients to make a half portion of leek and potato soup. I make this a lot.

Serves 2, double quantities for 4

3 leek tops, washed & sliced
1 medium onion, chopped
small knob butter
150g potato, chopped
1 veg stock cube dissolved in 500ml water
sprinkle dried parsley
Grating black pepper
150ml milk

Put butter, leeks and onion in a pan and saute for about 5 minutes.
Add potato, parsley and stock. Cook for about 20 minutes until vegetables are soft.
Blitz soup with a hand blender then add pepper and milk and adjust seasoning to your taste.

That's my leek tops used up into a lovely soup. It turns out very green compared to when you use the whole of the leek but it still tastes good.


Breakfast - large bowl hot oatbran made with water with 6 tinned prunes

Lunch - leek & potato soup, 3 rice cakes with remaining smoked salmon pate

Dinner - 2 veggie sausages, 2 poached eggs, potato cake, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms & baked beans

Work - Tuna mayo salad sandwich, apple and a cup a soup


  1. It's a miserable day today, I haven't had Archie out for his walk yet, I was hoping it would clear up, but it looks like I'll have to brave the rain. What a great way to use up the leek tops, I bet the soup is really tasty.

  2. Another scrummy looking lunch. The weather has been awful here today too - it hasn't really been light all day - just that awful gloom.

  3. soup looks fab - but I just cannot eat rice cakes, they are too much like polystyrene ceiling tiles!

  4. Hi Karen all looking very yummy & healthy. I am being good seems like I am eating more healthy stuff!
    Hope things are ok for you with home stuff x x

  5. Hi Karen,
    Leek and potato soup is perfect for this crappy weather. We are due to be moving home, so I am trying to use up what we have in our cupboards.