Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Use it up, wear it out

Well I think I can safely say I have definitely worn these out!

My poor dog walking boots have been flapping away at the toes for a few weeks now and I guess it's time to part with some hard earned cash and buy some more. I come back from a dog walk with all kinds of foliage sprouting from my toes. I look a right plonker and have to start plucking my boots when I come off the fields. I must admit they were only cheap boots, about £18.00 from Aldi. Like they say, you get what you pay for. I shall go to a proper outdoor shop and buy a quality brand, hopefully in the sale so that shall be my quest sometime this week.

Look what I found in my garden today...

I've got quite a few daffodils popping up. They think springs here. I've noticed other plants budding on my walks with the dog. We have had such a mild winter so far, hope it lasts. The evenings are staying lighter a lot longer now. I noticed this last night when stood at the kitchen sink. Makes me feel like spring is just around the corner.


  1. Hi Karen
    There you are!. I am so happy that you are giving you & hubby a go. I think sometimes when life dishes up crap amongst all the mundane stuff(excuse my french!). Sometimes it can all bog us down & we just go through the motions & take each other for granted without giving it much thought. Sometimes I think we need to take stock & think right yes " we do count to!". We do deserve a bit of fun to.
    I have ot spoken to DD since a few days after christmas ( she was awfull to my sister & at my mum & dads, not once has she contacted us. I thought that maybe she would have said sorry?!). Will go for that appointment on friday to see about some cbt. Maybe that will help me as a person.
    Thinking of you & I think you have done well to make a turnaround & turn things around.
    xx Glad you are back in bloggy land

  2. Hi Karen - I can't believe you have daffs coming out..how strange is this January weather?!

    PS. You definitely need new boots lol :)