Monday, 30 January 2012

Did I manage my shopping challenge?

YES! Just! And like Scarlets comment on my last post, it is time consuming. I have been on supermarket websites getting prices for their products and comparing them with old receipts from Aldi to checkout who's the cheapest. Was quite annoyed when some of the prices had changed since I price checked over the weekend. Aldis tuna had increased from 62p last week to 76p today! Aldi also had not put any fresh milk out yet because a man was cleaning the area milk is in so I did have to get some milk in Tesco but still go it for £1.00 the same as Aldi. I came in at £54.87 which I'm really pleased about. I did have to rummage around in my purse to get enough coins to pay for the sausages at the butchers. Was a tense moment, would I have enough to pay? hehe. Would have been embarrassing asking her to take a sausage or two back. So everything is bought for the coming week and my menu plan is

MONDAY - Egg, chips & beans. Jam sponge & custard

TUESDAY - Fragrant pork rice one pot & home made bread

WEDNESDAY - Beef casserole, mashed potatoes and Yorkshire puddings

THURSDAY - Homemade mince & onion pie, vegetables & roast potatoes

FRIDAY - Savoury mince on jacket potatoes & steamed veg

SATURDAY - Homemade curry, rice & naan bread

SUNDAY - Mushroom stoup & bread. Apple crumble & custard

We had a drive to the coast yesterday afternoon. We ended up driving to Hornsea which is about 45 miles away from us. I last went to Hornsea when I was about 10 years old. It was a cold and wet afternoon by the time we arrived. We sat in the car and ate our sandwiches we took with us. We had cheap Aldi lemonade for drinks then ventured out into the cold. Must get into the loft and find the box of kitchen stuff we have had packed aways sine moving six years ago! I need to find my flasks.

Daughter No3 and Sherlock were having a good run along the beach. Even though we were well wrapped up it was freezing and kept raining but it was good to get out and blow the cobwebs away.


Breakfast - 2 shredded wheat and an old banana

Lunch - Leftover quorn casserole with a bit of leftover pasta mixed in

Dinner - 2 eggs, few chips and beans. A small potion of jam sponge & custard

START WEIGHT - 12 stone 1.5lb

TODAY'S WEIGHT - 11 stone 11.5lb

LOSS - 1lb



  1. I mentioned to hubby last week that I fancied going to the coast at the weekend. It was forecast to be cold so I shelved the idea, but it turned out to be a lovely day on Saturday, we could have gone afterall. I don't know if I would have fancied going on Sunday though, it was rather cold. I bet it blew a few cobwebs away though, and it's always nice to get out. I bet Sherlock enjoyed himself. I tend to go shopping and look for deals before planning what we're eating for the week, I think I might be doing things the wrong way round and I could save some money if I did it the other way. I got three chickens in Morrisons at the weekend, they were half price. Two have gone in the freezer and one is for tea tonight and tomorrow. I'd love to be able to afford free range but it's just out of my budget I'm afraid. I do always buy free range eggs though. Well done on meeting your shopping challenge, that must have taken some expert budgeting.

  2. Well done Karen! Annoying about the tuna though.I'm certain that the grapes I bought on Saturday are going to be a huge regret come the last few days of this pay period.

  3. I did not get Hubby any grapes this week to add to his fruit salad, the budget would not stretch to it. I segmented a large orange instead.

  4. Well done Karen, its a lot of work isn't it but will be worth it. Well done also on your weight loss. I hope OH is also working as hard as you to sort things out and both keep giving lots of hugs etc.

  5. Yes datacreata, he's putting a lot of effort into the relationship too. We're getting there.

  6. Hi, just to let you know that I have given you a versatile blogger award as I love reading your blog. Please don't feel obliged to accept or even 'obey' the acceptance rules.

  7. Hi well done on the weight loss thats super. I think I need to exercise more ( start would be good!)
    x x