Sunday, 8 January 2012

New start

Followers of my old blog will know I had a rough time around Christmas. The outcome is we have decided to try again and make a go of our marriage. We have made a concerted effort to not take each other for granted and to spend more time together, going out and generally making more of an effort with the relationship. We went out Friday for a cheap meal at a local pub and today we are going to the cinema to see Mission Impossible. I am still trying to be frugal and hope to have more days out on a Sunday to places that are free so we don't end up spending much on entertainment.  I made a promise to myself to give Hubby a hug every day and since we decided to give our relationship another go I have been doing this every day. So hopefully we can sort ourselves out.

You may be wondering why I started a new blog and didn't continue with the old one. Well, my eldest daughter let slip to my mum some time ago that I had a blog and now she drops in to read my blog which I am not happy about. I have not spoken to my mum for 9 months and I feel very uncomfortable that she can just tap into my blog anytime and see what I am doing. So this is why I've set up a new blog.

Enough of all the miserable stuff and back to my cooking, menu planning, trying to be frugal and trying to save some money. I even went to poundland the other day as I was passing and bought two bottles of coke for £1.00 to take to the cinema today and will be getting cash back with Quidco at the cinema. Hope you all come back and follow again. It would be great to have you on board.


  1. So happy to find you, and to read your news. A hug everyday and not taking one another for granted sounds like a good start to build on. I understand about the difficulties of making time for one another - proper time where you listen to one another, and can be together, just the two of you - it's all too easy for day to day life to get in the way. Love and hugs to you. x

  2. So pleased to make your acquaintance. I have been reading your posts and ended up here. I know kind of what you mean about some family reading your blog, esp when you don't have much to do with them. My husband let the in-law side of the family know I have a blog and now they read my blog which I am not happy about as there are times I like to share whats going on in my life...

    Best of wishes with your marriage and I do sincerely hope things work out well for your both. My marriage has been feeling the up and down recently too. Taking each day as it comes right now.

  3. Hi karen, i stumbled upon your new blog on my traffic sources. I don't discuss my blog with anyone other than my husband. friends and family don't know of its existence, some would be very surprised that i do it, some would wonder why i do it, the critical ones would be astounded i have anything to say that anyone else would want to read. i'm glad to hear that you are well and things may be getting sorted. take care xx