Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Packed lunches

My Hubby can be a bit boring when it comes to making his own packed lunches for work. I tend to make the girls and Hubby makes his own. If Hubby has to make his own he just slaps a bit of home boiled ham in two slices of bread with a bit of tomato and low fat spread, that's it. If I tell him to open a tin of tuna he says it's too much hassle to make tuna mayo, what! If I suggest egg salad or egg mayo I get the same response. Laziness comes to mind here and it annoys me.

They all love chicken in sandwiches so yesterday when I did my shop I bought a small chicken in Aldi for £2.69  and slow cooked this. It works out to be a very economical sandwich filling if you get chicken this way rather than slices of prepacked stuff.  I stripped all the meat from the carcass and popped the carcass back into the slowcooker last night to make some stock. I got a lot of meat from the chicken and this will be used for sandwiches for my lot over the week. Last night I cooked off a couple of smokey bacon rashers and chopped them with some chicken into mayonnaise. This was their sandwich filling for today. I will use some with sweetcorn and mayonnaise for another day and will make a coronation chicken filling too. I will portion the chicken up into bags and freeze after today to keep the chicken fresh. I'm sure there will still be plenty to make a chicken salad sandwich at some point. These fillings will be alternated with tuna mayonnaise and some of the fillings I've listed below this week. These are things I regularly make for packed lunches -

Ham & tomato
Ham, salad & mayo
Chicken, smokey bacon & mayo filling
Chicken, bacon,sweetcorn & mayo filling
Chicken, sweetcorn & mayo filling
Tuna,sweetcorn & mayo filling
Tuna, onion & mayo filling
Egg mayonnaise filling
Boiled egg, lettuce, cucumber & tomato
Cheese, lettuce, cucumber & tomato
Cheese & tomato
Tomato & tuna pasta salad
Tuna & sweetcorn pasta salad
Cheese, onion & potato pasties
Mini Cheese, tomato & onion Quiches
Slices of homemade pizza
Homemade sausage rolls

Had some leftover mashed potato from yesterday and a little pastry from Sundays pie so made a cheese, onion & potato pastie for daughters lunch tomorrow. Popped it in the oven to cook whilst my bread was cooking.

Can you think of anything else I could make for packed lunches?


Breakfast - Small bowl branflakes, small banana, skimmed milk

Lunch - 2 slices toast, 1/2 tin pilchards, large grilled tomato & shredded lettuce

Dinner - Medium portion pasta, quorn bolognese, little sprinkle cheese

Work packup - Crabstick salad sandwich, apple & a cup-a-soup


  1. I am using tortilla wraps a lot more these days - they keep the filing enclosed and providing I soften them for 15 secs in the microwave before rolling, they don't split - and if the filling is moist, they dont need butter so are less fattening.
    Today's lunch was made with leftovers. I chopped up the end of a cucumber, half a small carrot, two small pears and the final quarter of a lettuce. Mixed with small handful of peanuts - more xmas leftovers - made a sauce from mayo, yogurt and a spoonful of curry paste. Then added a flaked fillet of smoked mackerel. spooned that between 2 wraps and bingo, lunch for both of us.

    If we are eating lunch 'out' I wrap the wraps in clingfilm, if we are at home, I spear them with a cocktail stick to hold them together on the plate.
    A warmed wrap spread with nutella and filled wit chopped banana - and a few chopped nuts if available - is good too.

  2. I love pate with some crusty bread/ french stick. I buy it in the small tubs from S'burys or Asda - it's around 65p for a tub , and as it does a few lunches it's very economical - suitable for a lunchbox too. KL often 'can't be bothered' to make tuna/mayo either!

  3. packed lunches won't get boring with all those sandwich fillings. My kids aren't big fans of sandwiches. Eleanor enjoys taking things like pizza, chicken legs or sausage rolls to school instead of sandwiches.