Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Using my Christmas gift

For Christmas I received some cookery books so today I set about making a meal from one. I had ordered some new spices I had never used before off the Internet and they arrived today. I was hoping they would have arrived yesterday but an e-mail in my box today said it was to arrive today. Having worked last night I wanted to go straight to bed this morning so I left a note on the door asking them to put the parcel at the back door as I work nights and I'm sleeping. Did he do as I asked? No, he rang the door bell then pushed a card through the letterbox saying they had taken the parcel to the village post office ahhh.

The book I chose to make my evening meal from tonight was,
Anjum Anand, I love curry. There are lots of recipes I will be trying from the book which I have already marked in the book with strips of paper. She seems to do her recipes healthier than other Indian recipes which can be smothered in oil so they will be great for when I'm starting my healthy eating.

My evening meal was made up of two different dishes. Both very cheap to make and I had all the ingredients in the house. I was only short of some spices  but was fine once I collected my spice delivery from the post office.

The left hand side of the plate was, karahi mushrooms with peppers and peas. I really enjoyed this as it was a lovely fragrant spice mix. It required mushrooms which I always have in, a pepper which I had in the fridge, an onion, I always have onions in. It also wanted peas and I had some in the fridge leftover from last night. The right side of the plate was, punjabi yogurt and dumpling kadhi. The dumplings were like onion bhajis. I had gram flour already in my store cupboard and it was really only onion and tomatoes and plain yogurt and spices for the sauce, which I had in. I had this with some plain basmati rice. It was a really nice vegetarian meal and I've plenty left for some lunch tomorrow.

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