Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bargain finds

I work voluntarily in a charity shop one morning a week and it's a great place to find anything I need. When I needed a large pudding basin to make a Christmas pud I found one at our shop. When I needed some new ramekin dishes due to mine having cracks and getting broken, again some were found at the charity shop. I seem to find, if I'm patient, anything I require. Last week I really wanted some towels for the dog. Nearly every day he has to have his legs and belly sprayed under the shower after our walks. When I went to the shop to do my voluntary work Friday I mentioned to the girls if they came across any old towels that were going into rag because they are too tatty, to save them for my dog. I also mentioned I would like an old quilt to make a new bed for him if they came across one.

On finishing my shift I was presented with a double size M&S quilt and two worn out towels. I didn't have to pay anything for the towels as they were no good to sell and were going in the rags and I had to pay £2.00 for the quilt. Sherlock is very happy with his new comfy bed and I have a couple of towels to dry him off after walks, result.

I found a couple of smoked mackerel fillets stashed in a corner of the freezer which were dated months ago.
I whizzed these up with half a tub of cream cheese left over from a pate I made last week. I added a good grating of black pepper and the juice of half a lemon. Lunch for a few days there I think.

 I am determined to clear the freezer of all the bits and pieces I throw in there to save them going off. Wonder what I will pull out next week : )


Breakfast - Medium bowl of branflakes and skimmed milk

Lunch - Homemade spicy sweet potato soup (out of freezer) 2 rice cakes with mackerel pate, orange

Dinner - Fragrant quorn rice one pot and a small slice of homemade bread

Packup for nightshift - Mackerel pate & salad sandwich, cup-a-soup and an apple


  1. I just found a stash of gingerbread dough - put in there by my daughter at Xmas after she made her gingerbread house. As I am trying to lose weight, I cannot eat it! I have decided to make heart shaped biscuits and then serve them with the coffee on Valentines Day when we have a training course at church.
    Smoked Mackerel is wonderful. I like it flaked on top of a green salad to which I have added a chopped apple and a few walnuts.

    made another batch of bagels to your recipe again at the weekend. You are a star!!!

    blessings x

  2. I love smoked mackerel. Just to let you know that I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award- details on my blog. I won't be offended if you don't accept!

  3. I wish Archie would use a bed, he jumps up on the sofas instead, my own fault, I know, for not stopping him when he was a puppy. There's always things which get pushed to the back of the freezer and forgotten about.

  4. Hi, just a note to say how much I loved your old blog (sat and read through the whole thing this evening) and how much I admire your energy and your inventiveness! Your meals always sound and look so lovely and you're always on the go too - you're one busy bee! I'm going to be following this blog so please keep the recipes coming.

    K xx