Friday, 27 January 2012

Pay Day!

First pay of the year and I spent the afternoon working out all the outgoings for the coming month. We have father-in-laws birthday next week. Daughters birthday in a couple of weeks. A £75 payment on a school trip to pay. A TV to pay for. We have nearly £200 from unexpected cheques which are going towards the TV. The remainder will be out of this months wages. We don't like to get into debt so save up and pay for items we want. So, with all the extra payouts this month it's leaving us a bit short this month so I'm having to tighten the purse strings on the food budget.

I have worked it out that we shall have £55 a week to spend. I have been sat with pen and paper menu planning and searching out the cheapest places to buy my food for next week. I drew out my £55 from the bank today and that is now in my shopping purse. I do my shop on a Monday but called into Aldi today as I was passing to get stocked up with their 69p fruit and veg that I want for next week. So I bought a pack of six oranges, 2 packets of vine tomatoes, a bag of potatoes and a packet of green beans. Their super 6 changes Monday so I wanted to make sure I got these offers before it finishes. I also nipped into Sainsburys to buy a bottle of Robinsons fruit & barley squash as that was on offer at 74p a bottle. I have my shopping list for next week with the shop and prices already for Monday. If Scarlet can manage on £100 a MONTH  I'm sure I can manage on my allowance.


  1. You do really well with your budget, Karen. I'm not nearly as organised as I should be with my food shopping and spend more than you do, but I'm sure I could whittle it down if I tried. I must start going to Lidl and Aldi too.

  2. Good luck Karen. I have found it quite time consuming, but I've done most of the shopping now, so I won't have to really think about it anymore for a few weeks.