Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Not quite back to normality yet

I'm looking forward to the girls getting back to school and college to return to normal household routines. Don't get me wrong; I love it when they are on holidays but I need the space  in my head clear to continue with moving on into a healthy and organised 2013. Having the house strewned with teenagers, everyone messing up stuff I've tidied and  Christmas decorations and presents still everywhere is not helping me get into mode.

Daughter No2 THINKS! she's back at college tomorrow. Told her she better make sure she's enough change to get the bus home after I've dropped her at college if they are still shut,  I can't take her back home because I'll be at my voluntary job tomorrow morning.

So... I'm trying to get organised and made soup today from one of my old weight watcher cook books for Brie and courgette soup. This has used a last chunk of brie I have leftover from my Christmas cheese board.

Rind removed and this was added to the soup.

The soup tasted really good if I do say so myself.

All portioned up and labelled for the freezer and ready for my healthy eating tomorrow. I finished off making a nice loaf for sandwiches for the gang for tomorrow.

Getting there with using up most of the cheese board now. Will have to freeze the remainder I think so not tempted to nibble it with the leftover cheese biscuits. Now,... what can I do with leftover cheese biscuits?

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  1. I could eat cheese till it comes out of my ears, though it's not very good for my waistline. I think it's much easier to start new routines once normality is resumed.