Friday, 18 January 2013

Can't be arsed

I'm having one of those days. Can't get motivated and I'm not really that bothered.

Done the usual dog walks today and had to take the dog for his booster jab and get some worm tablets today. My purse is £49.62 lighter now! Run the vac over the carpet and dusted around and that's about it for housework today! As I've said, I just can't be arsed today.

I have made myself make some of my Spicy bean burgers which are for tea tomorrow evening. I know after a night shift and a day in bed I will not feel like making them tomorrow so a batch were made with 3 being frozen and one for tomorrow stashed in the fridge.

I also made a big pan of leek and potato soup to keep the gang going at lunch time over the weekend. Will be yummy with some lovely homemade bread.

The snow  has just started to fall here. Lets hope we don't get much here in Yorkshire. It's bitterly cold  which means there's no chance of it melting for a while.

Keep warm everyone and enjoy your weekend x


  1. I like this recipe, I have lots of tins of assorted beans, they usually just get added to stews etc., but I'll give these burgers a try, a very cheap meal.

  2. I wish my DB would eat these burgers, as I certainly would. They look good!
    We`ve had snow falling yesterday, but the ground here in Brighton is not frozen enough for it to stay long. Roads are still passable. I love the snow! Forecast for rain after tomorrow, sadly.