Monday, 14 January 2013

Menu Plan Monday

MONDAY - Roast chicken, yorkshire puds, mash, sage & onion stuffing, veg and gravy

TUESDAY - Hairy Dieters Easy Chicken, salad, homemade coleslaw & jacket potatoes

WEDNESDAY - Beef casserole & dumplings, Cabbage and mashed potatoes

THURSDAY - Salmon maybe in a sauce, not sure yet

FRIDAY -  Pasta bolognese & homemade garlic bread

SATURDAY - Lamb burgers and bean burger for me, chips and homemade coleslaw

SUNDAY - Mushroom risotto. Apple & blackberry crumble with custard or cream

Yesterday was to be tuna and vegetable lasagne instead I made a lasagne with the leftovers from the Tacos on Saturday night. Got four portions of a meaty lasagne from the leftover beef. Two eaten and 2 for the freezer. I made a beany lasagne with my remaining Taco filling. So that's 2 tins of tuna saved and leftovers used up : )

Guess a lot of you have been in the same situation as me with snow falling today. Managed to just finish my shopping this morning before it started to fall quite heavily. Had a lovely walk with the dog when it was lovely and crisp and about 2inches thick. It's all been melting for a few hours now so is at that horrible slushy stage which I hate. Hopefully we won't get much more over the coming days.


  1. Love your menu plan for this week, some of my favourite meals there. I think I will make double lasagne at the weekend and freeze some, its a while since we had that. We have had some snow today, it was falling quite heavy by lunchtime but soon turned to slush. Forecast to freeze tonight!!

  2. Sounds yummy. We are hot here. Thursday is supposed to be 39C.

  3. Some delicious meals on your plan this week. I'm trying to eat things out of the freezer this week, it's got a bit out of hand and is really full. Mince for tea tonight, so I could make spag bol or lasagne or burgers etc., but I'm just going to have it as it comes with jacket spuds, a nice easy tea. The snow which was forecast overnight didn't materialise here, but it's forecast for this afternoon now so we'll see if they've got it right this time.