Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bargain of the week

My bargain buy this week was a large shoulder of pork priced at £9.71  yellow stickered to £5.45. It had to be used that day so it was popped straight into the oven as soon as I arrived home from shopping.
Now, Hubby is a huge fan of pulled pork sandwiches and loves to take a container of meat to work with his bread and heat the pork in the works microwave to have a lovely hot sandwich. A little was eaten for tea last night and the rest shredded and left to cool for portioning up and leaving in the freezer for when hubby wants a pork sandwich. A pile of fat was reserved for the birds who devoured it this morning.Like to always keep the little things fed whatever time of year it is.

Tonight I made The Hairy Bikers sausage and apple puff I used the recipe from my book, Perfect Pies.
The gang really enjoyed this and want me to make it again. There's also a big chunk leftover to freeze. What did not go down so well was the lettuce, bacon and pea recipe I made to accompany the the pie.
Only one daughter really enjoyed this dish. The others said they were not really wanting to eat it again. Ah well! You win some, you lose some. There's not much they refuse to eat that I make. I do like them to try new things though because if you don't try them, you'll never know if your going to like them I say.

Do you have many complaints on different dishes you try on your family?


  1. My DB is a very predictable eater, so tried and tested recipes have to be the norm at home. He will eat most things though, as long as he hasn`t got too many veggies on his plate. He has improved over the years we have been together. So, I`m hoping to be able to introduce more new recipes to him over time. The only thing he`s really not keen on are broadbeans and pasta, unless it`s spaghetti or chinese style noodles. He prefers rice with most meals, but will also have a propper Sunday roast on occasions. I can`t realy complain as he eats most things, even if its only once, lol.
    We usually design the meal plan together, for the week ahead, so I don`t have too many difficulties with dinners. He`ll sometimes change the order of things within that week if he feels like it, but we still eat what was planned.

  2. I am always trying new things out, like you say some times you hit on a new family favourite, other times it doesn't work quite so well!
    Lisa x