Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lemons - use it up

I have had 3 manky lemons sitting in my fruit bowl, leftover from Christmas. Today I decided to take action and get them used. I also have a biscuit tin with lots of odds and ends of biscuits, so I came up with a concoction of a lemon meringue with a cheese cake biscuit base.

My base was made up of 200g of digestive biscuits and a few shortbread biscuits whizzed up in the food processor into crumbs. These were added to 75g of melted butter then pressed into a loose base tin.

The filling was 4 egg yolks, 150g sugar, juice of 3 lemons, 300mls boiling water and a little lemon zest. I would have added a lot more zest but the lemons were a bit old and soft so made it difficult to zest them. I whisked all this together then added 2 tbsp of cornflour mixed with a little water. Brought this to the boil then poured it onto the biscuit base.

The 4 egg whites were whisked until stiff then I added 100g of sugar. I topped the tart with the meringue and baked for 25 minutes.
I baked it at fan oven 170C. I was impressed how high the meringue rose in the oven but it did settle on cooling.
It was a lovely lemon meringue but I would have preferred it a little bit tarter.  I would have been able to achieve this if the lemons had been a lot fresher. Anyway, the lemons got used and the old biscuits got used. Nothing was wasted so I'm happy.


  1. Mouth is watering...lemon meringue is my favorite.

  2. What a lovely meringue topping, i'm useless at making meringue, I'm going to blame the oven here, it doesn't keep the heat consistant - so I make them without the topping ! like the ones I got for 20p yesterday.

  3. Oh Yum. I also squeeze older lemons and put the juice in ice block trays.

  4. Wow, that looks delicious, just look at that topping. You're always so inventive with odds and ends you've got left in the food cupboards.

  5. That looks lovely. It is ages since I had lemon meringue.

  6. Now there`s an idea for my weekend. Haven`t had lemon meringue pie for utterly ages.