Sunday, 20 January 2013

Clear out

Daughter was looking for something to eat for brunch. She looked in the fridge and declared there was nothing at all to eat in the house. Now I know the fridges are quite bare as it's Sunday and I shop on a Monday so like to have the fridges empty and cleaned for the new load of shopping. Here are my fridges

Her brunch ended up being a quesadilla made with two leftover wraps 3 lonely mushrooms from the fridge, half an onion, half a tin tuna and some cheddar cheese. Hubby had the remaining tuna in a sandwich for his lunch.

A small portion of mashed potato went to the birds as it had been lurking at the back of the fridge for too many days forgotten about. The small portion of rice and the bit of a sandwich daughter left were mixed with some chicken fat scraped from my stock. This is food also for the birds. Hate to see the poor little things scrounging for scraps in this cold weather. The bits of leek trimmings were added to a pan of pony carrots I cook for the dog to bulk out his food.

Daughters boyfriend did not stay for tea last night so I did not use all the minced lamb when making burgers. This mince will be mixed with the beef mince to make a bolognese. Some leftover tomatoes will be used in the bolognese along with a few roasted peppers. I'm going to use what's left of the bolognese in a pie with some gravy mixed in for a meal through the week.

The rind left from some Grana Padano cheese was added to the bolognese to add extra flavour. It will be fished out at the end of cooking.

The gammon I bought last Monday. It was not needed for sandwiches as we had other things to use up first so this has been boiled and roasted in honey ready to slice for sandwich meat for the coming week. I'm one of those annoying people in supermarkets who stand examining joints of meat for ones that are not fatty and look the best. We don't eat the fat so I'm not going to pay for fat on a joint which will end up in the bin.

The large pan in the fridge had leftover leek and potato soup in it. I had a portion for lunch and a portion went in the freezer. That's my fridges cleared of a lot of odds and ends and all washed down ready for tomorrows shop.


  1. I have been doing the same this weekend, sliced soft tomatoes fried with bacon & eggs yesterday and today 2 soft red peppers half an onion and half tin baked beans went into a chilli with the rest of the ingredients.

    It sound like you are really well organised for the coming week and honey roast gammon sounds gorgeous.


    ps I rake all the joints out from the back to find the leanest too :-)

  2. I also examine the meat !! I also get strange looks when I unscrew the milk tops to make sure they are sealed properly underneath, I do this as I got sick of buying milk to find they had leaked in the boot on the way home. Better still my dad eats a cherry from the bunch to make sure they taste ok !! I havent done that yet !!

  3. When my son's say there is nothing to eat, its usually means that there is nothing pre-prepared that they can eat without actually having to cook something!! :)