Monday, 7 January 2013

Menu plan Monday

Craving fresh wholesome food with lots of colour at the moment so that is reflected in my menu this week. Just been shopping and bought lots of colourful fruit and veg.

MONDAY - Creamy mascarpone tomato sauce with roasted vegetables on pasta & HM garlic bread

TUESDAY - Roast chicken/couscous patties, HM coleslaw, jacket potatoes and salad 

WEDNESDAY - Sausage, onion gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetables & yorkshire puddings

THURSDAY - The Hairy Dieters Roasted Cod & Parma Ham with peppers & salad potatoes

FRIDAY - Italian meatloaf, steamed vegetables, roast potatoes & gravy

SATURDAY - Beef Tacos and Bean chilli Tacos for me

SUNDAY - Tuna & vegetable Lasagne, salad and small jacket potato

Well the big clear up happened yesterday. Three of us whizzed around the rooms removing all traces of Christmas. All boxed up and back in the loft until December. All done in record time of an hour. We all hate putting the decorations away so it's done as quickly as possible in our house.  A good clean around and you would never know it had just been Christmas. Feels all tidy and bare now but I like that.

Then this morning onto clearing out the fridges. Some cottage pie and gravy leftover from a meal the other day was devoured by Daughter No3 for her lunch today. Old grapes, an orange and a couple of apples which were still in good condition were made into a fruit salad with the addition of some fresh fruit bought today. All the outer leaves of a cauliflower were chopped and boiled to add to the dogs food over the week. The only thing I had to waste was a green pepper that had started to decompose in the bottom of the salad drawer oops. He's now on the compost heap. Half a tub of mascarpone cheese will be mixed into the tomato sauce I have made for tea tonight after I have removed a portion for myself (back on healthy eating). Now the fridge is restocked with lots of lovely fresh stuff for the coming week. 

Girls back to college and school tomorrow so onwards with my 'To Do' list. I'll get started on my first job listed in my diary which is to declutter the utility cupboards and give it all a good clean. Are you feeling the need for, 'a new year new start' on anything?


  1. As usual Karen your menu sounds delicious, I like the sound of the chicken and cous cous patties , how do you make those ?

  2. We didn't have any new years resolutions. However I aim to de- clutter this year, bit by bit. Now, what should I de-clutter first? I know--the kids!!! mwahahahahaaaa

  3. They are not actually a chicken and couscous pattie. I don't eat meat so the chicken is for the family and the couscous pattie for me lol. Guess chicken could be added to the mixure though. Will do a post with the recipe x

  4. I love reading your weekly menu, I really should get going on my own menu plan this year, I bet it would save me a fortune in the long run. I, too, want to declutter. One of my challenges this year is to start selling on Ebay again, this should help with decluttering as well as making me a bit of money too.

  5. I'm definitely feeling the need to get things sorted out and to declutter. I sold 15 things on ebay yesterday, sorted through KL's wardrobe and drawers on Monday and got rid of a bin bag full of junk/worn out stuff and snaffled a few items of clothing for myself. After posting ebay parcels today I'll be heading to the attic room to sort out some more stuff.Some furniture that's up there also has to go as it's too big - that will be put on ebay the next time there's a free listing weekend.