Thursday, 10 January 2013

Getting organised

Dropped into Boots today and had a look around for a present I could give to Daughter No2's boyfriend for his birthday. Did not have a clue what to get him. Then I saw the half price shelf of Christmas stuff and spotted this.
The set included socks, body spray and a pair of underpants. Was originally £18.00 but I got it for £9.00 so pleased I found him something which was a bargain. Could have bought more things to put away for next Christmas or for birthdays  but I'm trying to stick to a month of not spending, only on necessities. His card and wrapping paper were bought from The Card Factory and only cost me just over a pound so pleased I got it all for £10.00.

Finally 10 days into the new year I have my A4 desk diary. I searched all over to find one of these this year but could not find one only in WHSmiths for a rediculous price. Normally I pay a few pounds for one from places like B&M bargain but they had none when i was looking a day or two into the new year. Finally had to order one off Amazon at a cost of £3.50 with free delivery which was not much more than I would have paid for it in the bargain shop.

Tonight I shall sit and fill in all birthdays and highlight then. Date nights with Hubby will be written in. Each day I shall write down what I eat to keep track on my healthy eating. When I've worked out my menu plan each week I shall write at the top of the page what we are having each day. I shall write a TO DO list on each page of jobs and stuff I may need out of the freezer for the next days meal. So I should be super organised from now on.....we shall see ; )


  1. I always try and get some bits in the Boots sale to keep for Christmas. It will just be the same stuff in a new box come December

  2. I haven't been into Boots for sale bits either. I am really trying to cut our budget this year and stop any unnecessary spends. I have quite a few gifts already in the cupboard for this years birthdays and have been making some cards. I'm really impressed with how organised you are with your daily diary, I'm rubbish at keeping a diary, its usually just to record what hours I have worked, I love lists though but always on bits of paper lol

  3. I'd be lost without my diary. :)

  4. I always try to pop in to Boots when they reduce their sale items yet again, it takes them down to 25% and I've picked up some great bargains in the past. That should be happening soon so I must watch out for it. I'm so much more organised since I've started using my filofax again, even something as simple as having all my notes in one place helps.

  5. I bought all this years presents last year from Boots - 3 for 2, and from TK Max who have unusual stuff reduced.
    I'm not doing it this year however, instead I'm going to buy one present a month for birthdays and Christmas. There won't be many to buy as my grandchildren prefer the cash anyway !
    I always get my diary from The Works, large size, page a day for £1.99.