Friday, 4 May 2012

Bargain time & frustrating time

Got a couple of bargains in the charity shop yesterday. Firstly I got this lovely cute new bone china jug.

I went on the designers webpage and it's in her range for sale at £10.00. I got this for £1.50. I also bought this handmade purse.

Again, brand new with the label on. I bought it for £1.50. I Checked out the wedsite for this family business in Yorkshire and it costs.......£18.00!  Flamin lot for a purse. So I am pleased with my bargains this week.

Now the frustrating time I have been having today. This morning I thought I'd do some cooking. Started with some leek & potato soup,then had a pan of carrots for the dog cooking. Half way through making a chickpea & roasted veg tagine I heard a pop. Thought nothing of it until I noticed nothing was bubbling in the pans. My hob seems to have decided it's had enough and died on me. Rang Hubby to let him know and he looked on his computer at work and found details of when we bought it and we have 2 days left on the warranty! So hopefully all should be sorted eventually with a new one or a repair. Being without a hob I have had to dig out the camping stove again. No gas in canister so a trip to the gas suppliers and a new bottle of gas bought. Back to cooking on my camping stove.

Then after flushing the toilet this afternoon I went into my bedroom and after a good 5 minutes I could still hear the cistern making a hissing noise. I went to investigate and tried to flush the loo but there is no water in the cistern. Luckily we have 2 loos so can use the other whilst this gets sorted.

Then we had an overflow of water in the garage from the machine that pumps water from the utility room to the drains! This will require Hubby to strip the machine down to clean the tubes in it as they must be blocked. Well I hope that's our 3 disaster for the day. Don't think I can cope with anymore.

Hope you've had a better day than me : )


  1. Gosh what a lot of problems all at once, I hope you weren't looking forward to a calm and relaxing weekend.

    I love both your charity shop finds, that jug is so cute and the purse is gorgeous, it's all my favourite colours in one place, lovely!!

    Sue xx

  2. I love the jug its gorgeous. The handmade purse is lovely to. I would have bought them to. Thats so lucky with your warranty 2 days to go . Hope the other problem resolves to. Have a lovely weekend & lets hope it does not rain Xx cant take much more rain!

  3. yes this is looking so nice and beautiful.
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  4. I love the jug, what a bargain, and the purse too. Sorry to hear about your household problems, hope they get sorted soon.

  5. Hi Karen, I'm new here and have been enjoying your blog. Love the little jug, beautiful and a good buy. Sorry about things going haywire ...goes to show always happens in threes. Hope it all gets sorted out quickly. Cheers Sue

  6. Love the purse, that really is a great bargain.
    So pleased to hear that your cooker was still in warranty, but you definitely don't need anymore problems, that's quite enough for one day!
    Lisa x

  7. I just found you today, as you can see I have been reading your past posts, I have enjoyed reading your blog so much, I've joined to follow along on your journey, best wishes from Canada