Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy Birthday


Had a lovely birthday weekend. Hubby took me out for a meal last night to this restaurant. We had to go Saturday because the restaurant does not open on Sunday evenings. We had a lovely meal then walked to a nearby pub for a drink afterwards. We then rang my father-in-law who picked us up and took us back home.

Today I received lots of cards along with a years subscription to my favourite food magazine. I also received The Hairy Bikers perfect Pies cookbook, a necklace, a piping bag, some money, 3 bottles of wine, a plant and a large bunch of flowers. Two cards had written in them 'present to follow' so I've still two presents to receive. The cake above is what my daughters baked for me this afternoon and very nice it was too. Going to sit with a glass of wine and enjoy a film now.

Welcome to my new followers, Ruthdigs, Cheap Chick and Susan Kim.


  1. Happy birthday blessings x

  2. The cake looks delish,hope you enjoy all your birthday celebrations.
    Lisa x

  3. Happy Birthday - that cake looks lovely!

  4. A very Happy Birthday, Karen. Sounds like your going to have a week of enjoyment ahead of you. The restaurant sounds lovely. Lucky you.

  5. Happy birthday sounds like you had lots of treats we all need some treats & tlc. Glad you had a wonderfull time x x x

  6. Happy belated birthday, Karen. It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend with lots of lovely gifts too. The restaurant looks fab, I'm sure the food will have been delicious, just like that gorgeous cake that your girlies made you. I could just eat a piece of that now.

  7. Happy belated Birthday. Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend, lots of treats, and pressies still to come, you are a lucky girl.

    Sue xx