Monday, 7 May 2012

Menu Plan 07/05/12

MONDAY - Braising steak & onions, vegetables, mashed potatoes & Yorkshire puddings

TUESDAY - Creamy beef & potato layer, peas & carrots

WEDNESDAY - Chicken fried rice

THURSDAY - Roast chicken, vegetables, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings

FRIDAY - Creamy tomato sauce on pasta with homemade garlic bread

SATURDAY - Chicken/tofu fajitas

SUNDAY - Not decided yet

Had a visit to the local towns market this morning. I bought more threads and some ribbon at the craft stall. I bought bananas and cherry tomatoes at the market stall. The cherry tomatoes were £1.00 for a bag of them.

They were large cherry tomatoes and I weighed them when I returned home. They weighed 1.2kg
Really pleased with my tomato buy. I plan to make a roasted tomato soup with most of them and whatever's left shall be used roasted with a meal or with a sandwich for lunches.

I called into Morrisons as we were walking round the market to buy some braising steak for dinner tonight ( usually buy meat from family butcher but forgot they would be closed today with it being Bank Holiday) Just as I walked in they had a table set out with breadcakes. 6 large breadcakes for 40p. I grabbed 2 packs of these and made my way to the meat section bought my meat then left before I got tempted with anymore offers.

Walked around a boot sale which was held because it was a Bank Holiday weekend but did not find anything of interest then went to the Abbey where a local craft fair was being held. I did buy a small gift of a handmade cracker filled with chocolate in it's own box with a gift tag for my Dad for Fathers Day.

It was only £3.50 which I thought was very reasonable for a very one off gift. I got some good ideas for things I can sew for gifts for the family. My daughter whispered whilst stood at a stall that I should make things to sell because mine were better than what the stall holder was selling. I must admit, when I went to a Christmas fair last year i had in the back of my mind building up a stock and applying to have a stall this year but to be honest I really need to invest in a sewing machine if I were to contemplate doing something like selling my work. I do all the seems on the cushions I have made by hand which takes a while. If I had a sewing machine this would make the process a whole lot quicker so I may invest later in the year in a sewing machine and try my hand at selling but maybe next year so I can build up a large amount of stock. We shall see : )   


  1. Those tomatoes were a good buy.

    I love creamy tomato soup, your menu sounds very good for this week too.

    Sue x

  2. What a lovely menue! Those tomatoes were a great bargain!!

  3. A very tasty menu, bargain toms x

  4. Definitely have a go at selling your work, the cushions are fab, I'm sure you'd get lots of sales. What a bargain those tomatoes were, and the cracker is a lovely gift for Father's Day.

  5. I love the sound of your Menu plan for this week. Those cherry tomatoes were a fab buy and the soup sounds delish. Love the cracker box you bought and what a fantastic price, so different too. Good luck with selling your work too your cushions are beautiful.
    Karen x

  6. Have you thought of looking on Freecycle for a sewing machine? OR put an ad in the local church magazine - three of the machines we use at sewing club were given to us by older ladies who do not sew any more. They would often rather pass them on to be used than have them gathering dust in a back bedroom. Cheaper than buying new.

    blessings x

  7. I was going to suggest freecycle also, I've seen several sewing machines being offered lately. You could put a 'wanted' post for one.
    Do sell your work ! join Etsy - there's a whole world of thinking people who still want individual hand made items - not mass produced. I've set up my shop but not fully stocked it yet, I need one or two other lines before I launch it on an unsuspecting public. good luck - go for it.

  8. Thanks for all your comments. I shall have a look on Freecycle and see if I can find a sewing machine on there, thanks. Also going to look at Etsy, thanks Wean.