Friday, 18 May 2012

Totally knackered!

We started the dreaded job of clearing the patch of land between us and our neighbour at 9.30 this morning and it looked like this

A bit of a jungle. We worked until 3.30 when our backs were aching too much to continue. Everything was taken out of this patch of land. Bulbs which I put to one side to replant. We saved a few plants to replant but basically everything was taken out. Hubby has done two trips to  the tip with bags and bags of weeds and branches. We could not believe how much foliage came out of this strip of soil. We ended up with a tidier bare area which will need to be finished off and reweeded again to make sure we get all those darn weeds. So this is how it looks at the moment

Still some old fencing to go to the tip and that bloody tree stump will not die! It was cut down over a year ago but refuses to die even though the top has been scored to let wet into the trunk to rot it. This will have to stay until it eventually rots as it's too big to dig up.  Anyone out there know how to kill it off? Can't believe the hours we spent on this patch today and it was bloody hard work. So after another weed we will be on to the nice part of planting it up. Want to have the garden a riot of colour this summer. Better make a move to make a meal now. My body doesn't want to get up from this sofa though : )


  1. Nice job! Kill that tree with a clean cut across its top and some slashes across with a jainsaw, then apply creosote heavily, even by repeating several times a year. Best of luck!!

  2. If all fails, dig around the stump to expose the roots, then cut them all with a chainsaw and take the stump out altogether.

  3. Hi

    No idea how true this is but if you hammer some copper nails in its supposed to kill the stump off. You and hubby have worked really hard and the border looks amazing, well done to both of you

    Helen x

  4. That looks amazing. Lots of hard work, but so worth it.

    Sue xx

  5. Your photos show how hard you've worked, Karen. Don't forget to show us more photos in summer when all your new plants have flowered, it will look stunning.

  6. Hi Karen, thanks for popping over to my Blog and becoming a follower. As you will see I am just learning how to cook a bit late in life, but when I have a few minutes I am hoping to sit down and go through all your brilliant menu plans and recipes.

    I've heard pouring salt water in kills some kinds of trees, guess it couldn't hurt to try but I don't know what it would do to the surrounding soil?

    Best of Luck

    Arwedd xx

  7. Can you get some copper nails as that's what my grandad used to used to kill off tree's in his garden. Just knock a few in and the copper will poison the root with out harming the soil.

  8. Thank you for all the suggestions on how to kill the tree stump. Shall give them a try.

    Karen x

  9. Yes I've heard that copper nails will kill tree stumps. What a transformation. I bet you feel satisfied now your muscles have had time to recoup.