Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Menu plan 14/05/12

MONDAY - Spaghetti bolognese with homemade garlic bread

TUESDAY - Pork steaks, sage & onion stuffing, Yorkshire puddings, mash and vegetables

WEDNESDAY - Chicken/veg curry, rice & naan bread

THURSDAY - Homemade burgers, chips and homemade coleslaw

FRIDAY - Sausage casserole with jacket potatoes

SATURDAY - Homemade pizza and wedges

SUNDAY - Roast chicken & stuffing, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and vegetables

Hello everyone.

Nothing much been happening here since my last post. I feel a bit in limbo at the moment. Can't get motivated to do anything. Is it only me feeling like this? I look at my front garden and it really needs tackling but I just can't be bothered. Don't know if it's the crap spring we're having or what but I need a kick up the arse. So, this afternoon I sent Hubby a text at work and asked if he'll take Friday off work so we can get in the front garden together and totally tackle it. We can't get anything really done over the weekend because we have the grandaughters again.

I've also this afternoon started a 'to do' file. I've been walking around the house with file in hand and writing down everything that needs finishing off and jobs I want to do like declutter drawers and all the bedding which is stored under our bed.

I now have two sides of A4 paper filled with jobs to do. Each room shall be given a side of A4 paper which I shall rewrite all the jobs onto each relevant room. I am going to pick a room and do all the jobs needed to be done and cross them off the list as we do them. I want to start getting motivated again and get on with jobs that need doing so hopefully this will keep me focused.


  1. I think it is the weather. I too have loads to do in the garden but every time I want to do it, it is either raining or just to windy and cold. We write a list out every day of little things that need doing that we know of, helps keep on top of things.

  2. It is the weather. I feel ridiculously lethargic this week too. Writing a to-do list is a good motivator though.

    Hope Friday proves a profitable day for you both

    blessings x

  3. I like your list idea and hope you don't mind but I'd like to "borrow" it - I have lots of jobs that need doing but I don't remember them until they become a pain!!
    The weather - blame it on the weather - its awful and the lack of sunshine plays a big part in feeling demotivated
    Hope you get your mojo back for Friday
    Helen :]

  4. Hope the weather is kind to you on Friday Karen. I make lists too - it helps me to focus.

  5. Mmm definitely the weather, everyone seems to be feeling a bit glum - it's all the greyness outside, not to mention the cold! Think I might steal your to do file idea, see if it can help get me motivated too. Linda xxx

  6. Hi yes I often feel unmotivated weather does not help as we all want sunshine after the long winter. A dose of sunshine makes us feel more motivated in the morning compared to a gray day.
    I think being out in the garden will make you feel brighter just the green of it all. Fingers crossed weather lets you get out there. Great idea with your file. I must admit I do love decluttering. My last house was more cluttered with bits and bobs but this one I did a big declutter & still doing it!. Things that cause me stress are in charity bag. Sometimes to much stuff is not good for the soul where as decluttering makes you feel lighter have a great week x x x

  7. Hope the weather stays fine for you on Friday. I'm sure you'll feel much better once you get the garden done. I find that everything starts to get me down when I know there's jobs which need doing, and I feel so much better once I get them done.

  8. Thank you for the great response. Everything is written up in room order now and I hope to start on that next week. Hubby off Friday and we are getting in that garden no matter what. Will keep you all updated on our progress.

    Karen x

  9. Think I'll follow your idea of putting it all down in a book as jotting it down on scraps of paper isn't working as I keep loosing them. About 5-6 years ago I spent a full year decluttering and it was great, no worrying if I was going to have stuff falling out when I opened a door to a cupboard but stuff has built up again...