Sunday, 29 April 2012

Here comes the rain again...

Appropriate song for today

No chance of getting in the garden again today. Well I could if I were one of these obsessed gardeners who will go out in any kind of weather to garden but, I'm not! Only time I go out in this weather is to take the dog and I've already ventured out this morning  for walk No1, two more to go.

So, what to do today. Think it shall be a little sewing and a bit of fridge tidying for my big shop tomorrow. A little ironing and a visit to Argos for a pair of curtains for daughters bedroom. That should keep me busy for a while on this wet and miserable day.

Let me show you project No3  I have finished.

It's a simple felt decoration for hanging on a Christmas tree or around the house. My youngest daughter loves it and wants me to make one for her newly decorated bedroom. So my grandaughters shall be getting a handmade cushion and one of these in their Christmas presents this year. Going to make some for other members of the family to pop in with their gifts too. Must get the third raindeer cushion finished today for my grandaughter that's been lurking in my laptop bag since I took it to work with me Friday night with the intention of finishing it but didn't.

What are you doing on this wet and windy day?


  1. Making bread, a steak, kidney and potato pie and jam tarts with the left over pastry.

  2. Prepared my working lunches for the next three days, made some yoghurt, and shall go for lunch at a polish delicatessen place, later. A rare treat for us, but very affordable as their prices are very reasonable and the food is delicious. This afternoon I shall prepare some sheppards pies for tomorrows dinners. And that`s me done for the day, then.

  3. I love that felt decoration. Your sewing is so professional. What an awful day again, I'm just catching up on some blog reading before putting out tea.

  4. Your stitching is so neat! We had to go school shoe shopping today, no the best weather, but it had to be done.
    Lisa x