Monday, 2 April 2012

Menu Week 02/04/12

MONDAY - Sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and potato cakes
                     Me - Tuna and boiled egg salad with a jacket potato

TUESDAY - Creamy tuna tomato sauce on pasta with homemade garlic bread

WEDNESDAY - Spinach & ricotta cannelloni, salad & homemade garlic bread

THURSDAY - Recipe here Spring Chicken in a pot
                        Me - Spring quorn fillets in a pot

FRIDAY - Pork, apple & sage burgers, chips and corn-on-the-cob
                 Me- Homemade Spicy bean burger, chips and corn-on-the-cob

SATURDAY - Turkey fajitas
                         Me - Tofu fajitas

SUNDAY - Roasted corn fed chicken, sausage & bacon wraps, sage & onion stuffing, roast
                    potatoes, vegetables and gravy
                   Black forest gateau (inspired by The Hairy Bikers programme I watched last
                  Recipe here Gregg's tangy lemon tart

Where does time go? Already April, it doesn't seem two minutes since we were celebrating New Year. I have been a bad blogger too. Not posted for a week. All I can say is life just got in the way of blogging.

Been kept busy with decorating, gardening, planting seeds and working. Sunday I took the cooked and prepared oxtail I told you all about last week, out of the freezer. I sauteed some mushrooms to add to it and managed to have enough filling to make a suet pudding. Had problems with it sticking to the basin and it looked a bit of a mess to take a picture to show you. Perhaps it might help if I grease the basin next time. Silly me. The verdict was, Hubby really enjoyed it, the girls were not keen. Think with the girls it was more a case of not liking the thought of eating a tail! Ah well, not everything I make is going to be a hit with them. So this weeks menu plan is based around the meat I have already in the freezer so my shop today was not a big shop. I only need to buy a large chicken, veg and cream later in the week for Easter Sunday.

Daughter No3 had an  appointment with the orthodontist today.  It was the first visit to see if she can have braces on the NHS. Good news is she can but, she's now on a waiting list to start the treatment. The waiting list is 9 - 12 months! We could have treatment quicker if we went private. No thanks, we'll wait. We've paid NI all our working lives and I want to get something back for paying into it all these years. We also had to travel 22 miles to the orthodontist in York because he is the nearest one to us. Our nearest town does not have one. So I was not pleased at having to used  44 miles of fuel when there's all this uncertainty over fuel shortages. I did drop in to Aldi on the way home as we were passing and did not want to waste fuel going tomorrow.

Anyway, enough moaning and to bed I must go.
Night all x


  1. You're so lucky that your daughter qualifies for free orthodontic work. KL missed out on it by 1 or 2mm. Her braces cost us £1,795 but have been worth it. She is so much more confident. We did find that because she knew the sacrifices we'd made to pay for them that she was a model patient. Her teeth and braces were always scrupulously clean and she continues to wear her retainers a couple of nights a week as recommended.It's 2 years since her braces were removed.

  2. Can't beat good teeth even if you have to wait for them. Mine are crooked but reasonable to look at. Had some perfectly good teeth removed when I was 11 to have a brace fitted then never got the brace!

    Your menu plan sound delicious!

  3. Eleanor has had both top canine teeth removed to make way for the second ones coming down. They still haven't appeared though, which is a little worrying as one of Daniel's teeth was growing sideways in his gum and he had to have it removed. I hope the same thing doesn't happen with Eleanor. They think she might need a brace once the teeth do appear but I thought she would automatically be treated on the NHS, perhaps not then.

  4. Try using skirts of beef,an onion,some good stock and herbs in your suet pudding (Norfolk beef pudding),grease the basin with a butter paper (I save these for just this purpose) and use the paper and another one to cover the pudding,tie up with a square of butter muslin or any saved clean cotton cloth(maybe from an old sheet or pillowcase) instead of expensive foil or greaseproof paper.Boil the pudding for four hours.Delicious !