Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What's all this?!

Bloody hell, shock to the system with the weather this morning. Was not nice driving home on the motorway after a night shift on roads I could not even see the road markings on. Anyway, managed to get home in one piece then out with the dog wearing my gloves and scarf. After last weeks weather can you believe that? Gloves and a scarf! Only in Britain. Off to bed now and hope all the bloody stuffs gone when I get up.

Bye for now x


  1. I didn't believe the weather forecasters when they predicted snow, I thought it was far too warm. Not so now, it's freezing. The snow is turning to mush here though so I don't think it's going to hang around for long.

  2. It can be scary driving in snow - glad you arrived home safely. I didn't believe the forcasts either when they predicted snow, but boy did it snow!

  3. I think we are having the strangest weather ever, and it varies from place to place so much. Yesterday I left Manchester at 2 degrees, with hail and rain and four hours later hit Berkshire at 10.5 with clear sunny skies.

    Now I'm not quite as bothereed that I'm late with my planting, any seedlings would have been completely confused about showing their little heads above the soil !!

    Sue xx