Sunday, 15 April 2012

Project No 1 completed

Well I finally got the little Christmas cushion stuffed tonight and finished. I think it's so cute.

I'm nearly finished on one which I have made larger for one of the grandaughters. I'm also halfway through another one for the other grandaughter.  The girls will love them. Not doing too bad on the homemade Christmas gifts. I've really enjoyed making them and have got quite into doing applique and blanket stitching. When I've finish the two remaining cushions I have another project I want to make. It's felt decorations which can be hung on a tree or hung anywhere really, so more about those soon.

Had a lazy morning today. Then we took daughter No3 to a bed shop to tryout mattresses. She had fun laying on all the beds testing them all out for the comfiest. She did like a mattress that cost £340 for a single! Told her that was way too expensive and after a bit more rolling around on mattresses she found another which was at a more reasonable price. Free delivery too. When we returned I made a late lunch/early dinner of Toad in the hole with mash and lots of veg.

Finishing off my evening with my sewing. Wish I had remembered about going to the boot sale this morning. I'm on the lookout for a shabby chic bedside table for daughter No3's bedroom. Thought a boot sale might have one but I shall have to wait another week. Keep looking on e-bay but the prices they want just because shabby chic is in fashion is ridiculous. 

Hope you all have had an enjoyable Sunday.


  1. Absolutely love the cushion Karen! It's fab - I'm sure your grandaughters will be thrilled.

  2. Thank you Scarlet. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

  3. The cushion is lovely, I would be happy to receive one like that, I'm sure your grand daughter will love it too.
    Lisa x

  4. yummy dinner and the cushion is lovely x

  5. I've never tried applique before. Your cushion looks great and the toad in the hole too!!

  6. The cushion is fab, it looks so professional, your grandaughters are going to love them. The Toad in the Hole looks scrummy. I haven't been doing too well with my healthy eating but I'm back on the straight and narrow today now that the kids are back at school.