Friday, 24 February 2012

Wouldn't you know it

Hubby sent me a text last night to say all flights in and out of Guernsey had been cancelled yesterday due to very bad fog and he hoped his flight would be okay for the next morning. Today I had just finished my voluntary job and was walking out the door when my mobile rang. Was Hubby. His flight had been cancelled due to the fog again and he's to wait until Sunday for a flight. Saturdays flights are allocated to the people who's flight was cancelled Thursday! He's not very happy as he had to try and find a hotel to stay in which he said was now quite full due to all the cancellations. He said there's no point in going sightseeing as it's miserable and foggy. So he's been in the hotel gym and watching TV and reading to pass the time. A lot of overtime in next months wage packet :) 

Bought myself a top in the charity shop today. I have not bought any clothing for ages and I just spotted one today which will do until I loose my weight. I hate to spend money on clothes, even second hand clothing when I know I'm going to loose weight but I really needed something else to wear as my wardrobe has depleted drastically since putting the pounds on. Nothing fits! If I loose the weight I'll have plenty to wear. So £2.49 is a bargain if I have to dump it in a month.

Right, time to get ready for work.
Bye for now x

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  1. Hope your hubby manages to get home tomorrow, you'll be in the money when his wage packet arrives though. I hate clothes shopping, I've been in to Leeds today with Eleanor. She came home with plenty of bags, I came home with three bunches of daffodils.