Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday

Hi everyone, it's Shrove Tuesday that can only mean one thing. Pancakes! I made a pile of pancakes this morning and they are sat in the fridge ready to warm up later. I have squeezed lemons and stocked up on golden syrup, chocolate spread and bananas. We shall enjoy them for dessert.

I had a sort out of the freezer drawers this morning to see what I had lurking in the depths and to give it a good tidy. I placed all bread in one drawer. All vegetables and my veggie stuff in another drawer. Meat products were put in another drawer. I had so much homemade chicken stock and guess what I've got cooking in my slowcooker today? More chicken stock! The bottom drawer was filled with ice cream and fruit. I found a tub of cooked rice with some mixed veg in it. I thawed this to have for my lunch. I stir fried some onion then added the veg rice. I had some egg wash left from glazing some scones this morning so used this stirred into the rice to make egg fried rice. All finished off with some soy sauce.

Are you having pancakes today? What's your favourite topping?


  1. We all have the traditional lemon juice and sugar on our pancakes. I made some for an after school snack for Daniel and Eleanor, my mouth was watering for one but I resisted, definitely not good for my diet.

  2. We used our large frying pan and got 2 1/2 each. We had them with either maple syrup or lemon and sugar. No doubt we will be hungry later as that was all we had for tea. Mind you, I could have eaten them all and then some. Yum Yum!

  3. I think orange juice for me but syrup for my hubby. We didn't have pancakes today as I didn't realise it was Shrove Tuesday. Well done on sorting your freezer out, there ids always something lurking in the bottom thats good for lunch, egg fried rice sounds yum.