Saturday, 25 February 2012

five things that make you happy

Just came across Kates blog  asking what five things make you happy. I decided to write mine. I'm sat here thinking, can I think of five things?

No1   Cuddling my 14 year old daughter, be it on the sofa, in the kitchen when I'm cooking or just a cuddle for cuddles sake. This makes me SO happy. Cuddles with my other daughters are not so intense now; they save them for their Hubby and children and boyfriend. Mum doesn't get the full blown hug she used to. But, youngest daughter has no Hubby, boyfriend or children of her own so only mum and dad get her hugs and cuddles and I cherish them because I know they won't last forever.

No2   Time. Just having some time for me makes me so happy. We live in this manic world, we never seem to take time out just for us. Work takes over our lives. Schedules are followed. Kids have to be here, there and everywhere. When I get some time for ME, I just relish it and enjoy it so much it makes me happy.

No3    Cooking. I loose myself in cooking. I know I lost my vocation along the way but I can still pretend I'm the Masterchef winner, head chef in a wonderful restaurant etc...... We don't have the cash for me to pursue my dream of training to be a chef but I can train myself to some degree in my own kitchen and I LOVE it!

No4     Feeling happy and being content with what we have. Leeds for the majority of our lives was where we were quite happy. But we noticed  people seem fixated on the big house their friends will be envious of. I saw friends in designer lives who have to have everything designer, WHY? To show they have cash to throw about? To show they are in with the fashion scene? I don't know why they have to always throw the cash and have to prove anything. I'm so happy I can be content with what I've got and don't need to splash loads of cash to show this image of what a commercial society believes in to prove they are happy.

No5    Relocation. We moved here 6 year ago on the 19th of May this year and it is the best move we have ever made and it makes me so happy. Both of us were were born and bred in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I in a council estate, Hubby in an affluent part of Leeds.  We bought our own property and lived quite happily in Leeds for the majority of our lives but, after two attempted break ins ( Hubby was well into house security even back then) we decided the inner city was not for us or our girls. We saw how teenage girls were acting so much older than their age. We felt uncomfortable with it and thought we didn't want our girls growing up that quick. Moving to the country was a wrench but oh how it has paid off. This really makes us happy.

I thought I would struggle to to find five things that really make me happy but they came so easily to my thoughts. Do you know, I think I could think of five more but I shall leave them for another day.

What five things make you happy?

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  1. It's good that you're happy with your lot. As you say, people seem to need to splash the cash in order to be happy, showing people that they've got money, but money has never bought happiness.