Sunday, 5 February 2012


Had the grandaughters stay last night and there was great excitement when the snow started to fall. Hubby was getting a bit worried about driving in the snow as it was coming down quite fast and he was the chauffeur for his mum, dad and aunt last night as they were going out for a meal to celebrate my father-in-laws 75th birthday. Thankfully they were not out too late and the snow had calmed down when he had to go and collect them from the restaurant.

This morning I found grandaughter No1 jumping on her bed looking out of the window at the snow. She was so excited and wanted to go out straight away. I thought 7.20am was a little too early to let a screaming child wake our neighbours on  a weekend morning so we went out at a more respectable 9.15am. I took Sherlock for his morning walk at 8.00am to lovely snowy and foggy views.
About 4-5 inches of snow
The sun trying to peep through the fog
Sherlock's footprints the first in the snow
A beautiful spiders web on my birdtable
We all had a lovely play in the snow except my youngest grandaughter who would not stand on the snow! We cleared the driveway and walked Sherlock in the snow. All this called for some comfort food for tea. I made Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls mushroom stoup from his new cookery book Veg.

It was very tasty and filling with dumplings. All this was followed with  apple crumble and custard, yum. Feeling quite tired now after a busy weekend with the grandaughters. Time to relax now and watch a bit of TV  : )


  1. Lovely photos. Archie collects the snow in his long fur as he walks and ends up coming home covered in snow balls.

  2. Great photos, I love the one with the sun poking through. We had a good covering of snow here in Doncaster and this morning the temp is -3*c brrrr.... Your mushroom soup looks deeelish, never thought of putting dumplings in soup so will have to try that. We sometimes have a cheese scone instead of bread with ours. It sounds like you have had the perfect weekend.

    Karen x