Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I woke this morning without the alarm. I have an alarm at the side of my bed and I set it every night but I naturally wake each morning before it goes off. Today because the girls are on holiday from school and college i did not set my alarm because I knew I did not have to rush to get up but I still woke early and thought straight away, oh no Hubby won't have a shirt because I didn't have time to iron yesterday. I jumped out of bed and whilst he was shaving in the down stairs shower room I ironed his work shirt. He finished his shaving and I said I had Ironed him a shirt to which he replied, I'm doing an install today so I don't need a shirt. OMG!!!! I got out of bed on my week off work to iron a shirt I didn't need to!

Then, this afternoon I had a pile of ironing to do. and I really fancied watching a film. Now I never watch films or TV when ironing. I just usually listening to the radio. No, I wanted to watch a film so I pitch up camp in the living room and watched a film. It felt quite good watching a film whilst ironing. I hate to waste time with TV stuff if I've got jobs to do. Then I thought about my Hubby when he has time off work. He expects it to be time to himself. Time off work, time to do as he pleases. Why is it when I'm on holiday from work it ends up I still have to do every job I normally do and some? When I take a holiday from work I am going to take some time out to just relax and 'have a holiday from work' and not feel guilty about it. I am going to concentrate on me time. Isn't that what having a break from my paid work is all about and it should mean a break from my mundane home jobs too!


  1. Men and women are a different breed. They don't suffer from guilt and we do, although I feel less guilty about things these days.I had to be selfish when I was at uni- it was the only way to get work done. J took over all of the housework and ironing,and cooked tea when I was on a late day.I think he's an exception where men are concerned!

  2. Certainly applies to some men, but luckily not mine. Although he is now retired he has always done the ironing, helped hoover and wash up, regardless of holidays. You have some time to yourself Karen, try not to feel guilty about it.

  3. I agree with you, Karen, you should take some time out for yourself and not feel guilty about it. I often catch up with things I've taped on tv whilst I'm ironing.