Monday, 20 February 2012

Bad Blogger Me

Hello out there. What a bad blogger am I,  not blogging for nearly a week. Had a lovely week off work and it's flown by.  Back to work tomorrow : (     Been busy  the past week with the girls on holiday from school and college. Had the grandaughters stay two days and daughter No3 had her birthday Friday with a sleepover so I didn't have a lot of spare time to even go on my laptop. But, back to normality today and back to my routine, sort of.

Hubby flew off to Jersey this morning and will be working there and a few days in Guernsey until Friday so  no Menu Plan this week. I am going to use up bits and pieces in the house and from the freezer to clear every thing out of the way for a new start with my March shopping budget.

Last night I went for a couple of hours to a charity do arranged by the manager of the shop I volunteer at and received a text from Daughter No3 at 9.45pm saying she had cooking at school in the morning and we didn't have anything in for her to take!!!  So this morning I was up with the lark toddling off to the supermarket to get ingredients for her to make a lasagne. As she was leaving I told her to make it lovely because that was her tea for tonight. It's a meat lasagne so only the girls will be eating it. I shall have some pasta and tuna sauce that was leftover from yesterdays evening meal. I have a baguette left from the two I made yesterday so shall make garlic bread to have with the meal. That's today sorted.

I started my crafting I want to do for Christmas presents. I have used an old white school shirt for bits of the project. Some fabrics were bought new like the calico I needed and I bought a few bits of material off ebay. I still need a few different fabrics but shall have a rummage in my wardrobe and suitcases of clothes to see if I can find any suitable fabrics to use. This is the stage I'm at at the moment,
It's a cushion and I plan to do one for each of my grandaughters and one for myself. At the moment the applique pieces have been cut out with iron-on bonding on the back and I need to iron these onto the calico then stitch around each one with blanket stitch so that's the next job this morning to get in the loft and look for all my threads. Back later to have a catch-up on all your blogs.

See you all later x


  1. I hated my two doing cooking at school. I was always having to buy things which I'd never use again, yet they only needed a tiny amount of. It would have been much easier if the teacher had bought everything and each child paid for the ingredients they used. They both dropped cooking so it's done with now. The cushion looks lovely, I'm sure your grandaughters will love it.