Friday, 3 February 2012


Hi there : )

Passing time away on my laptop whilst at work. Yes I get paid to mess on my laptop whilst working, honest. Tonight is a very quiet night with my patient who is no trouble at all and to compare it with last Friday night at work it is a total opposite. Last Friday I cried all the way home from work then cried again when Hubby asked how work had gone. It was such a mentally intense and draining situation I  was in last week that I would not want to repeat it again in a hurry. It was the longest nine hour shift I had ever done. Don't get me wrong. I am not a softy who gets weepy about my job, when I blubbed all the way home last week that was the first time in years I have done anything like that. So it's a relief to have a shift that is simple and uncomplicated.

So to pass the time away whilst I sit next to my patient I have been looking on Martins moneysavingexpert site at this I have sorted a card for my son-in-laws birthday and got it totally free!  You don't have to buy a valentine card as the title suggests. If you scroll further down the page you can get a card from Bonusprint for 60p which I intend to do. I'm also going to take advantage of one of the other offers on the page for 50 free prints. I want to have printed pictures of my daughters wedding party from last May and make a little paper gift with them for their first wedding anniversary. Can't beat free stuff.

I worked in the charity shop I volunteer at this morning. I finished at 12.30 and started to walk to the back of the shop and I don't know how I did it but I somehow slid and broke the heel of my shoe! My lovely shoes are now in the bin. My daughter was disappointed when I told her over tea as she wore them many a time to go out in. Thankfully I had my work shoes in the car so wore those to get home. Guess what I'll be looking out for in the charity shop next week?

Off to catch up on some blogs now,
Bye for now x


  1. I have lots of my photos printed off. I love digital cameras and being able to store photos on the pc, but nothing really beats looking through an album so I always get all my favourites printed off. I've never paid much for them yet, usually just potage as there's so many deals around. Hope you manage to find some shoes.

  2. Night shifts are just the worst in my opinion. We do 12 hours at our place and by 3am I'm really starting to flag. By 7am I'm just about on my knees. I admire anybody who can do them permanently.

    K xx