Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What happened?

What happened to my brioche dough? Yes I did put yeast in.The bloody stuff hasn't moved all day. guess that's going in the bin. I hate wasting ingredients and there's no way I can salvage the bread so it's bye bye and try a different recipe next time.
I didn't even bother putting it into a tin because it didn't even rise in the bread maker so I just slapped it on a tray. My hot cross buns are as big as the brioche dough. At least they came out lovely they never fail me the recipe's here   Oops, I made 10 hot cross buns and there are only 9 now. Wonder where that went : )

With me hating to waste food I have had a day of eating leftovers and fruit no one else will touch.

Breakfast - Small bowl branflakes and skimmed milk with a manky banana

Lunch - Leftover from Saturdays meal, mushroom & pepper curry and boiled rice
              Toasted hot cross bun, oops

Dinner - Pea & ham spaghetti which I shall have without ham. The meal will use a portion  of ham
               from the freezer.

packup for my night shift - Boiled egg salad sandwich, apple and a cup-a-soup  


  1. Wow, they have got to be the biggest buns I have seen!! Going to check out your recipe.

  2. The hot cross buns look delicious, at least they worked out.

  3. Next time you could try breaking off small balls and cooking them as dumplings in a casserole. Or rolling out very flat as a pizza base.

    so impressed by the Hot X buns tho

  4. Your hot cross buns look fab . I forgot to put yeast into some bread dough a few weeks ago, so I turned it into pitta breads - they were lovely!

  5. Hi Karen,
    A little while back you made a peach (I think) fool with custard, natural yogurt and peaches. It was a pint of cold custard then how much yogurt? And did you pulverise the peaches? I wrote it down from your blog and can't find the original post.

    K xx

  6. Hi Keshling, I did pulverise the peaches and I added about 200mls yogurt, it was all I had left in a large pot of yogurt so you could add a little more if you wanted. Drain the peaches too or the dessert will be too watery. The post was in July under 'schools out'.

    Scarlet, don't think my dough would have tasted nice as pittas because it was a sweet dough.