Thursday, 9 February 2012

What a miserable day

Only been out to walk the dog this morning and this afternoon. Not the sort of day to be out and about so I've had a productive day in. Just sat here with a cup of tea and having the odd glance out the window to see how the weather's doing. We've changed from rain when out walking the dog to sleet at the moment. Just waiting for the next batch of snow to hit Yorkshire.

Well I had my weekly dig into the back of the freezer to see what I would unearth today and it was this,
looks quite disgusting but actually it tasted really nice when I first had it. This is half of a squash roasted with garlic, butter, herbs and feta cheese. Decided to make a soup with it so into a saucepan I added a chopped onion and  veg stock to cook for ten minutes then added the chopped squash. Once cooked I added a couple of teaspoons of cornflour to thicken it a little then blitzed the lot.

End result was a really lovely tasty soup which I sipped from a mug and had with some hot toast. Plenty left for lunch another day.

I continued into the afternoon with prepping our meals for today and tomorrow. I made a meat lasagne and a quorn veggie lasagne. The veggie lasagne was made first and I had a good amount of sauce leftover so this was mixed with a portion of bolognese sauce and a container of leftover fajita veg I found in the freezer to make the meat lasagne. Freezer cleared of a few more containers : )    I then made some pastry and made a tuna, broccoli and sweetcorn plate pie.

My fridges are looking quite empty today and the girls are moaning we have no food in. I've told them we have everything in we need to make all our meals until Monday. If you ask me, I say it's good fridge management because I will have no waste when it's time to do my shopping again and I will have plenty of room in the fridge for the new groceries.

Another glance out the window and it's now snowing and laying : (    Don't like snow when I've to drive in it. I've got my voluntary job in the morning and my night shift tomorrow night so I hope we don't get too much snow.


  1. You have been busy in the kitchen today. We've had freezing rain making the roads and pavements treacherous.You're right about good fridge management. I can't remember the last time I threw anything away.

  2. My daughter said the same thing today - the fridge is empty and there's no food. What she meant was there's no snacks and rubbish in there!

  3. We've had rain, sleet, and it's now snowing. What a productive day you've had, your meals look scumptious.

  4. those meals look great.

    My mam lives in Carlisle and they haven't had a flake of snow, they have been lucky.

    Gill in Canada

  5. Do you cook the broccoli before you put it in the pie?

    If you have time, could you post the recipe for the pie please?