Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all those Mums out there in blog land. I received some lovely gifts and cards from my three daughters. Not so much a relaxing Mothers Day as I have the two grandaughters here this weekend and it's always busy when they stay.

Our evening meal will be an easy event. I made the lasagne the other evening so it can be just popped in the oven to cook and a salad made in minutes. I'm going to put the bread machine on to make some dough so I can make a focaccia. Think a red pesto focaccia will go nicely with our meal.  

Just got stressed over dropping a bottle of very expensive Rapeseed oil all over the kitchen floor. It was a sod to clean up. Shards of glass seem to get everywhere and my new slippers have bright yellow oil on them now!  Think a nice glass of vino with my meal is called for. Chill Karen


  1. What gorgeous flowers, and I can see that you received some lovely gifts. That oil must have been a pain to clean up, and the glass, you're right, it ends up everywhere. Enjoy your meal, complete with wine. Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Ah thats lovely,the flowers are beautiful. Makes me think of spring(cannot wait!). Very organized making the lasagne in advance & the bread fococcia sounds lovely.
    Oil is a sod to clear up!. Always seem to leave a sheen & residue.
    Hope you enjoyed that glass of wine.

  3. Your flowers and cards look lovely hun. And your meal sound scrummy too.

    Oil is a real pain to clear up and takes forever. However a glass of wine soon eases the stress away.

    x x