Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Domestic Goddess

Well I truly feel like a domestic goddess today lol. I had a lieu night to use up at work so had last night off which left me with today free as I'm normally asleep through the day on Wednesdays. I got up this morning and thought, right, I'm going to make the most of today and have a right productive day. I started the day off with dog walking in the chilly, wet fog.

The promise of sunshine after the fog did not materialise yesterday and I don't expect any today. After our walk I set to a job I just hate. Oven cleaning. Got both ovens sprayed and left them for a  couple of hours for the spray to do its magic.

 I got the breadmaker on with a batch of hot cross bun ingredients. Then it was upstairs to daughter No2's bedroom to the cupboard in the corner that never gets entered. This is the reason why...

Years and years of toys and junk the girls keep hold of. Well today I was going to get rid of a significant amount of the stuff. I Put 2 large sacks of stuff in my boot to take to the charity shop tomorrow. Two large sacks of rubbish went in the bin. Lots of paper and cardboard went into the recycle bin. I then took down to the conservatory a lot of toys and games the grandaughters would like to play with. The end result was a lot better  than when I entered a few hours earlier.

I then went and cleared all the toys out of the conservatory that the grandaughters had outgrown. Lots for the charity shop and some binned. They will love it on their visit this weekend having lots of new games and toys to play with.

In between the cleaning I finished my hot cross buns and got the breadmaker back on to make a couple of baguettes. Made coleslaw for tea and make a cheese and onion flan for tea. The slowcooker was put on with a batch of bolognese to cook. I stripped daughters bedding too and got this washed and dried. It's left on her bed for her to make, think I've done enough today. Did relax for half hour after I got back from walking the dog at lunchtime while daughter coloured my hair. Time to relax now I'm back from my third dog walk of the day. Think a glass of wine is called for : )


  1. Goodness I am tired from just reading everything you did. :)

  2. Wow, you put me to shame, I'd say that your night off was well worth it, you certainly made the most of it. We have a playroom which is stuffed to the brim with toys still, I really need to get in there and give it a good clear out, I'd get a whole room back then. What do you spray on your ovens and does it work? I just scrub mine, but if I can find something easier, it's got to be worth it.

  3. Hi sounds like you have been very productive. Especially 2 ovens!. I can just about cope with one.
    Three dog walks on top of that lot to
    Hope you are ok too xx

  4. Hi Karen
    Thanks for the lovely welcome!.I am going to try and blog a bit more
    (warts and all!).
    Hopefully there might be some sugar and spice mixed in!!?

  5. Jo, I used to use Mr Muscle oven cleaner but now I use Wilkinsons own brand oven cleaner spray which works just as well and is a lot cheaper x

    1. Thanks, I'll definitely get some.

  6. Thanks Karen thats really sweet of you x x glad to be back and visit . Hope you are looking after yourself to x

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