Friday, 1 March 2013

Hate colds!

Had a week of wiping my nose every minute and coughing and spluttering away. It's now easing off but my poor nose is sooo sore. I'm now concentrating on repairing the damage with lots of soothing moisturisers and balms. Don't you just hate having a cold?

Anyway, onto other things. My meat hoard has hardly been touched. Need to get some minced lamb out for burgers for tomorrows homemade 'takeaway' of burgers and chips. Menu meals have been swapped around a little as daughters boyfriend stayed the night we were having creamy mushroom pasta and he won't touch mushrooms. So had to swap for a meaty meal. I'm looking forward to my mushroom pasta tonight so she had better not ask if he can come for tea tonight. I'm not changing it again!

Fancied something different today for lunch today so had a mooch in the fridge to see what grabbed me. A bunch of spring onions were calling out to be used so I grabbed two of them, some cheese and two eggs and the loaf of bread.

I cut two slices of bread then thinly sliced the spring onions. Half of the onions were placed on a slice of the bread then topped with cheese. The second slice of bread on top to create a sandwich. I then got a large plate and whisked the eggs, remaining spring onions, sprinkle of salt, a grating of pepper and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. I dipped both sides of my sandwich in the eggy mix until it was all absorbed then fried the sandwich in a little oil.

I ate half before I realised I hadn't taken a picture. I was too eager to get stuck into my lunch. It was very yummy with a dollop of ketchup on the side  : )

Off to walk some of these cheesey calories off now with the dog. Enjoy your day x


  1. I too spent the last week with a cold. Hope you are on the mend. The sandwich looks delicious!

  2. Also been having a dreadfully sniffly nose for 4 days. My nose feels as if I had been using sand paper rather than tissues to blow it. I use vaseline with aloe vera to sooth discomfort. i`m getting there now, but a horrible cough has replaced the sniffle.
    Because I have been feeling unwell I make life easy tonight. We are having a steamed haggis (courtesy of Aldi, and bought round burns night) with sauteed turnips and gravy. Hoping to be feeling better tomorrow and shall make us a homemade chicke nand leek pie with steamed veggies.

  3. That looks a very tasty sandwich. I'm back on my healthy eating regime, I've put some of the weight I lost back on so I'm trying to drop some pounds again, it was Ryvitas with cream cheese and salad for lunch for me. Hope you're feeling better soon, I hate having a cold.

  4. That sandwich looks scrumptious.

  5. Just to let you know that I've left an award for you on my blog. Don't feel obliged to accept it if you don't want to, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.