Monday, 4 March 2013

Menu Plan Monday 04/03/13

MONDAY - Breaded fish, chips and mushy peas

TUESDAY - BBQ Lamb steaks, pesto pasta, roasted veg & homemade flatbreads. Me - Halloumi

WEDNESDAY - Bolognese pasta and homemade garlic bread

THURSDAY - Gammon, egg, chips, peas & mushrooms

FRIDAY - Cheese & broccoli flan, potato salad, coleslaw & salad. All homemade

SATURDAY - Chicken/tofu Fajitas

SUNDAY - Vegetarian Lasagne, salad and homemade garlic bread

Today we were going to eat for tea the mushroom & chestnut cottage pie that we were supposed to have had last week but didn't have because daughters boyfriend stayed and he would not have eaten it. So this afternoon I followed the recipe and got all the veg and sauce cooked and decided then it was a mistake to make this because I JUST KNOW none of them will eat it so I've abandoned the meal and shall have it myself over the next couple of days for my lunch. When daughter No3 came in from school today her first words were " Hello, what's for tea tonight?" Told her to look in the kitchen at what I'd made but was not giving her now. She said "Good cos I wouldn't have eaten it!"  Tea tonight shall be a couple of breaded fish fillets that were yellow stickered in Aldi for 90p and some fish fingers, chips and mushy peas followed by homemade rice pudding and warmed jam.

Really enjoyed my lunch today even though it nearly blew my head off with the hot spicy chilli sauce. Still had some spring onions to use and I had a big bag of coriander that was out of date but still good. There were a lot of mushrooms on the turn and some sweetcorn in the fridge. I got a few prawns from the freezer and soaked some dried noodles. What I wanted to use up was the trio of indian dips I had leftover from Saturday. Saturday we had lamb burgers and Hubby likes riata on his lamb burger. I had no plain yogurt in or any mint so thought I'd buy him one of those little pots from the supermarket. They had ran out of the little pots so I got the trio of dips pictured below

The dark red dip I had on my bean burger Saturday and it blew my head off it was so hot. The rest of it along with the chunky tomato dip went into my stir fry. 

So that got rid of a few more bits in my fridge and was very tasty too. Not bothered shopping today as I was late menu planning so shall go tomorrow. Just need to sort my shopping list now.


  1. That looks really tasty. What a shame about the cottage pie, but at least you've got your lunches sorted for a few days.

  2. Great Menu Plan, shame about todays pie, at least its not getting wasted. Your noodle stir fry looks yummy and very filling, I find stir fries great for using up oddments of veggies.