Thursday, 1 March 2012

What a lovely day

Such a lovely day we have had here in North Yorkshire. I took Sherlock for a walk after lunch and it was lovely and warm. I was dazzled by the bright sun and wished I had worn my shades. On the way back home Sherlock stopped to sniff something and when I looked it was a frog. I quickly walked on so he didn't have a chance to paw the frog and hurt it.

I think I shall get in the garden this weekend. Would have today but it's been a day of household chores. Took a few pictures in the garden of flowers just ready to open and a few that have opened.

I had a load of washing on the line to dry today.

I have just brought the washing in and even a pair of Hubby's jeans have dried. Love it when I can get the washing outside.

Thought you might be interested in this site  I have requested lots of things to be sent to me for free, from samples of coffee to dishwasher tablets. I found the link on a forum on the site. Have a look, you might find some freebies you fancy.


  1. It's been beautiful here in Lancashire too - it was wonderful to feel the sun on my back as I was gardening. Hope the weather stays fine - we will be in Yorkshire tomorrow for J's birthday weekend.

  2. We've had a gorgeous day here too so I took Archie for a walk down The Lines.I love the mini iris's which you have in your garden. I keep meaning to get some, I must remember.