Sunday, 25 March 2012


Well, I'm really disappointed at having to bin my sour dough starter. It started off so well then Thursday it seemed to have stopped fermenting. I left it another day but no, no more action so down the loo it went. Not sure whether to try again. I may give it another go later in the week.

We went to a garden centre this afternoon and bought a few plants and also some long bamboo canes for my peas to grow up. We then had an afternoon trying to sort a patch of the garden to use as a veg patch. First we had to dismantle a huge trampoline which took longer than expected. Five years of standing in our garden did not help when trying to prise sections apart but we got there in the end. Then Hubby got his chainsaw out to fell a horrible conifer. Got most of the tree but Hubby was going in for the kill on the stump and the chainsaw gave up.

part of the new veg patch
 So the veg patch is resembling a right tip at the moment. We have lots of bark chippings to bag up. These were spread all under the trampoline. We still need to cut the conifer into smaller pieces so we can get it in the car to take to the tip and we've a lot of digging to do as the soil seems very compact. I shall keep tackling a little each day next week and eventually we'll get it sorted.


  1. How frustrating about the sourdough!
    Don't give up- try again sometime

    blessings x

  2. What a shame about the starter, you'll have to give it another try. Little and often is the best way to get a veg patch in to shape, and lots of manure to get some goodness in the soil.

  3. It's a bit hot for digging this week Karen! As Jo says , little and often is the key. Don't try to do too much. Once you've got it broken up a bit we found that growing potatoes is a good way of breaking up the soil even further. We've rotated potatoes right around the allotment and the soil is so much better for it.