Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We've got action!

My sourdough is fermenting, yippee. Checked on it this morning and it was frothing and had bubbles and did not smell pleasant at all but this is the norm according to the recipe.

fermenting sourdough starter    

So now I need to start feeding it every day for no less than seven days. Today I have to add another 100g bread flour and enough water and whisk in to keep the thick paint consistency. I covered with cling film and left in the utility away from draughts. More tomorrow.

Really enjoyed today. I had an appointment between 8.00am -12.00 today with the boiler man to come and service it. Guess what, I was not waiting all morning for him. He arrived around 9.20am so I cleared my ironing pile while he did his stuff. Hate it when appointments are made and you end up spending all day clock watching for them not to turn up.

Got two loads of washing hung out in the garden drying nicely. Chicken in the slow cooker for tea and I decided to have some time on my crafting which I have not touched for a long time. Pleased with what I achieved today and shall try to get a lot more done this week then can show you how far I have got with my Christmas cushion. Had a nice walk with Sherlock in the lovely sunshine, that was until we passed the farmers muck spreading. It stank! Must get some seeds started, this shall be my mission tomorrow afternoon after I wake up from doing my night shift. Hopefully we are going to dismantle the trampoline this weekend or next so we can use the land it was stood on to grow more veg : )

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine today x 

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  1. I'm waiting in for two appointments today. Sod's law they'll both turn up together at the end of the day.