Monday, 12 March 2012

Beautiful spring day, again

Don't you just love spring? What a gorgeous day we have had again. The last few days, dog walking has been pure pleasure. Watching new life emerge from the earth. Listening to the birds sing and enjoying the sunshine and warmth on my face. Bliss.

Some of my dwarf daffodils are out. I love these and the wallflowers behind them smell gorgeous. I took advantage of the lovely warm day and got a lot of washing done. When my line was full I put my airer near my front door to finish off drying my bedding.

Loving the warm sunny days too because I don't need the heating on. If this keeps up we should all have lower bills this year. Was really pleased when I checked our on-line banking and noticed our gas & electric direct debits have reduced to £74.00 per month instead of  £128.00 per month. It was not that long ago they were trying to hike the payments up to £150.00 per month! See my old post here so I'm getting there with reducing the bills. Yippee.

I had 11 for Sunday lunch yesterday and we did well to not have much food left over. I had this bowlful of vegetables left and wondered what I could do with them to use them up today.

I chopped a small onion and put it in a pan with some water and added some quorn chunks. I let it cook until the onion was tender then I added a sachet of cup-a-soup and the leftover veg and heated through. I had this concoction with a jacket potato. I really enjoyed it as I love vegetables but my daughters said it looked disgusting lol. I will not waste food and I really enjoyed it so they can think what they like : )

Have you eaten any weird concoctions to use food up?


  1. Shame you didn't have any potatoes, you could have had bubble and squeak or made them into potato and vegetable cakes (like fish cakes).

  2. I bet it was a really tasty lunch, I love vegetables too. We've had some gorgeous weather over the last few days, long may it continue.

  3. Isn't it great getting the washing out on the line again. I pop my airer out the back too as I can't seem to get much on the rotary line. It all smells and feels so much fresher.
    Lisa x

  4. hi yes roll on sunshine. Makes everyone feel better. Maybe not the energy companies!. Hope things are getting better for you each day to x x