Monday, 29 October 2012

Menu Monday 29/10/12

MONDAY - Wensleydale mushrooms & toast
                      Leek and potato soup with bread
                      Pineapple sponge and custard

TUESDAY - Italian meatloaf, roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables

WEDNESDAY - Pasta with bolognese sauce & homemade garlic bread

THURSDAY - Lasagne ( leftovers in freezer) salad & wedges

FRIDAY - Mince & onion pie, vegetables and roasties

SATURDAY - Chicken/veg curry, rice & naan

SUNDAY - Omelet, jacket potatoes, coleslaw, salad & bread

Had a few strange looks from some of the family tonight over our evening meal. Hubby commented it was a strange combination. Daughter No2 said, "soup! what we having soup for tea for?"  Only daughter No3 was happy with the combination after she persuaded me to change the soup from minestrone to leek & potato. I just told them to all shut up and eat it telling them it was ALL home made and wholesome. They all enjoyed it and were full in the end!

The mirror project was completed but I forgot to update so here it is completed and in daughters room. Not a very good picture but it gives you a glimpse of the end product.

Sorry but I have no idea how to rotate the image around. I've been messing about trying but to no avail. Anyway, daughter was really pleased with the mirror and I enjoyed doing it.

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  1. Another lovely menu for the week. I'd have been quite happy with last night's meal, especially the Wensleydale mushrooms. The mirror looks fab, no wonder your daughter's happy with it. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog about Archie, they mean a lot.