Monday, 15 October 2012

Menu Monday 15/10/12

MONDAY - Leftover chicken in gravy, stuffing, Yorkshire puds & steamed veg

TUESDAY - Fragrant pork & rice one pot with homemade bread

WEDNESDAY - Bolognese sauce and pasta with homemade garlic bread

THURSDAY - Cottage pie, peas and carrots

FRIDAY - Sausage, onion gravy, mash, Yorkshire puds, carrots, broccoli & cabbage

SATURDAY - Fishcakes, chips and mushy peas

SUNDAY - Slow cooker chicken casserole with roasted potatoes

I'm going to try stretching my 500g mince beef this week to cover two meals. I shall cook it in the slow cooker with lots of onions, grated carrots and a grated courgette and maybe a hand full of red lentils. This will be split in two and turned into a bolognese sauce and a filling for cottage pie and lets see what the gang make of it.
Pleased with my shop this week, only spent £45.29 and have everything for the week except a box of cereal the girls like which I shall have to call into Aldi for one day this week. Hate it when the shelf is bare of a product I want and have to return to get it. Called into Tesco for a few bits and was really pleased with my bargains.

They were clearing out a lot of frozen stock (probably to fit in xmas stock) and I could not resist clearing the shelf of the last 3 boxes of Linda McCartney veggie BBQ selection for 62p a box. Each box contains two sausages, 2 large burgers and two fillets. That will keep me stocked up on veggie quick food for a while. Love it when I get a bargain : )

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  1. It's great when you hit on a bargain like that. I remember going in to Jack Fulton's Frozen Food once when they were closing for a week for refurbishment. They were clearing absolutely everything out of the freezers and it was all half price. We stocked up, took it home, realised we still had some more room in the freezer so went back again. It would have been rude not to when the prices were so low. We had slow cooker chicken casserole last night, me with mashed potatoes and the rest of the family with roast potatoes. In the casserole I put swede, parsnips, carrots and a few potatoes, and on the side we had squash and French beans and it was delicious. Proper winter comfort food. The diced chicken was on offer at Tescos, half price from £5.00 to £2.50, and there was so much that it will do for a second meal. I'm going to get some more chicken whilst it's on offer.