Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Just a short one

It's been a lovely day here in Yorkshire, glorious sunshine and a good breeze. Got lots of washing hung out drying in this breeze. Love it when I don't have it hanging on the airer. Had a lovely walk with the dog and collected more blackberries

 There are still plenty of blackberries to pick in the hedgerows. I have a lovely big stash in the freezer now waiting to be used. Shall make some blackberry jam at half term with daughter No3. She likes to help with making jam.

On returning from my walk I had a look to see if there were anymore runner beans or courgettes ready.
Got 3 courgettes but I had to chop the ends off as they were rotting. My runner beans are still producing beans so I picked a handful of them for tea tonight. The courgettes were used to make courgette soup with a few more I had in the fridge. I made a huge pan of veg and lentil curry and a pan of spicy butternut soup is on the go as I type. Just need to portion everything up when it's cold and stash it in the freezer. That's me sorted for soup lunches for quite a while.

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  1. My runner beans have only just got going. We had them with our tea last night too, delicious. I just wish they'd start producing plenty more so that I could have a stash in the freezer.