Monday, 22 October 2012

Menu Monday 22/10/12

MONDAY - Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, yorkshire puddings, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower

TUESDAY - Homemade lasagne, salad and homemade garlic bread

WEDNESDAY - Pork minute steaks, roast potatoes, peas, carrots & broccoli

THURSDAY - Beef casserole, mashed potatoes and yorkshire puddings

FRIDAY - creamy chicken & mushroom pasta bake with homemade garlic bread

SATURDAY - chicken fajitas

SUNDAY - casseroled chicken thighs with dumplings, mash & veg

My menu is very autumnal this week with casseroles and hearty filling food. Really need theses type of meals on dreary days like today. Had hot warming soup for lunch with some leftover pasta added to bulk it out and to use up leftovers.

No updated pictures yet of the mirror I'm painting. Did not manage to do any painting on it Saturday due to being tired and none done Sunday. We decided to visit York Sunday to shop for a new winter coat for daughter No3. Found one easily enough then spent the afternoon browsing around shops and window shopping. There are some beautiful things in the shops in York but I think a lot of it is over priced because of the tourists. Still I can look. Looking doesn't cost. So today saw me with paintbrush in hand and a first coat applied to the mirror frame. Daughters face lit up when she returned from school and saw it. She thought it looked lovely. Shall continue with it tomorrow.

The last few posts I've done have not been spell checked because my spell checker does not seem to be working on my blog. Anyone else experiencing problems with it?

Bye for now x

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  1. We had roast chicken last night too. I love looking round the shops in York, there's so many different ones to those we have in Leeds.