Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Drying herbs

Decided to dry some of my herbs the way Karen showed us on her blog . I toddled of to my garden and picked sage leaves and some rosemary for drying. I then placed them on a double thickness of kitchen paper and zapped in the microwave.

I microwaved mine for 4 minutes as I have a high power microwave. Karen did hers for 5 minutes.

I got a nice little pile of dried herbs once I crumbled all the leaves. I had an empty sage jar so popped then in for storing. It's a really easy and quick way to dry herbs. I also dried my rosemary for 4 minutes and went to take it out of the microwave and noticed the light did not come on when I opened the door. Looks like my microwave is bust! Shall get Hubby to have a look at it this evening. Could be just a blown fuse, we'll see. So no more herb drying today!

Another lovely sunny day here again so started the autumn garden clear out. Lawns mowed, garden table cleared away, some spring bulbs put in and some pots emptied into compost bin. Still lots to do but this can wait a day or two. 

Bye for now x


  1. I don't really use many herbs in cooking, but earlier this year I bought some herbs for the garden. I suppose now they're at hand I should start using them. Hope you manage to sort the microwave out.

  2. Opps! hope the microwave is just having a hissy fit and not bust :-(
    Glad you found my method easy, blogging is a great way to share tips. Thank you for linking to mine. x

  3. After a few hours the microwave started to work again!!