Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Totally fed up

Driven to my works office in Leeds this morning which is about 36 miles from where I live. I had to take in my completed form  for a DBS check before Friday to my manager. Manager was checking the documentation I had supplied and then asked, "where's your proof of address? A utility bill or bank statement?"  Noooooo! I had forgotten it. I was livid with myself. How stupid of me to not double check I had everything before I left home. So now I will have to make a detour tonight on my way to my patient to call into the office again and leave said document on managers desk.

Then....yesterday I went to get the dog his usual monthly sack of dog food from the pet store. They had his brand on offer at £25.00 a sack instead of the usual £33.00 but the shelves had been cleared. So on the way back from Leeds I thought I'd call back in the store and see if they had stocked up on food again. No. So off I went to a second pet store just up the road. They had his brand of food but it cost £37.99 and me being tight and all that thought sod that I'll try another store I have heard of but it's about 10 miles away. Went to this place I have never visited before and they do not do branded dog food only their own mix.

By now I'm getting hungry, tired from driving and very annoyed. I did not know of any other places to go so off I went back to the second shop I visited earlier!!! I would have left it for the day had I had anymore dog food to get me through the day but I used every last bit this morning so had to get it today. I must have wasted so much petrol today I'm annoyed with myself.

Sorry, rant over. Just had to clear my head of how stupid I've been today. Let's hope the rest of the day goes better.


  1. Hi Karen
    Sounds like it has been one of those days, its frustrating when you get somewhere only to discover you have forgot something
    I hope you manage to find some dog biscuits too.
    Hope you have a more relaxing evening x

  2. We all have those kind of days now and again, its done now just put it behind you and breathe deeply :-)

  3. My daughters always tell me to get the vac out when I get stressed lol. A good hoover of the carpets does wonders for me hehe

  4. Breathe in....Breathe out. Things can only get better. Just had one of those days, wait a minute, I forget something every day!!! :)

  5. I don't think you're tight, why pay over the odds if you don't have to? It's so annoying when there's an offer on something yet there's no stock in, I find that happens quite regularly. Hope you got everything sorted out.