Friday, 26 April 2013

My bargains & not such a bargain

Just a quick post as I've so much to do before me and Hubby go out for the evening. Yesterday I did my voluntary job and got a couple of bargains. I love little jugs and couldn't resist this little one. I like to pour milk into a small jug from the great big cartons we buy because we always seem to pour too much milk into our drinks when handling the big cartons. I then just leave the jug in the fridge to use for cups of tea throughout the day.

 My little jug cost me £1.20. I also go a watch for myself at a cost of £1.50. I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it because of the colour. Purple/plum is my favourite colour so I had to have it.

Today I went to pick up my months meat order from the local butcher. This was not such a bargain at £90 !! This is the 3rd order I've had and the quality is superb. I would rather pay more for good quality, locally sourced meat

This has been all portioned up and frozen for the coming month.
I'll be back soon. Must dash, just seen the time x


  1. Lovely bargains from your charity shop. The meat does look excellent quality and paying more for local meat is really worth every penny

  2. Hope you enjoyed your night out. Great bargains from the charity shop, I love jugs too and your watch is a lovely colour. Have you compared what the meat would cost you from the supermarket? I'm just wondering how it compares to the price you've paid for locally sourced, good quality meat.

  3. Want to but I'm scared if I do I will revert beck to supermarket meat because of the cheapness!! It is so much more expensive but the quality is superb and all the family have commented on how good it is. I think quality has got to win over cost with meat. I just cut back on other areas in our food budget to compensate for the meat expenditure